WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: Why you need to know your #1 self care habit

You know how you can have some days that get off on the right foot and flow well. And others – not so much?

…I suggest it’s our attention to our self care habits that makes the difference.


The thing, of course, is that we’re busy.

There’s certainly a lot of things we could be doing for our self care. And sometimes it’s not easy to keep up with all of them.

But identifying what your #1 self care habit is – that thing that has the biggest effect on whether your day feels good or not – well that’s simpler to focus on.


What’s your #1 self care habit?

In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I invite you to think about that and why you might want to start prioritizing it.


I'd love to hear what your keystone habit is and how it makes a difference in the flow of your day to day life. 

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