WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: The Steadying Power of a Wellness Anchor Habit

Does your busy life ever have you feeling like you’re drifting along, in reaction mode to everything around you?

When you’re pulled in lots of directions and feeling triggered by the stressful overwhelm, what you could really use is a steadying foothold.

As you probably know, cultivating good habits is something I often talk about here. They are a powerful way to live intentionally. But sometimes overwhelm happens. And even something positive like trying to keep up with good habits can add to it when you’re triggered and unmoored.  🙂

In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I share about the usefulness of discovering that one habit or routine that serves to steady you most, and honing in on it as your wellness anchor.



Notes: Here’s a link to our Living from Center Community Facebook Group which I mention in the video. We’d love to have you come over and share your thoughts with us there.

Also, if you’d like a little support around how you can hone in and create your own personal habits that help you live more powerfully, I invite you to check out the 30 Day Healthy Habits Re-start coaching sessions I offer. Here’s a link to where you can learn more and schedule a quick call with me if you have questions.

And here’s the other video I mention about developing a keystone habit.