WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: The importance of wiggling your toes

Are your feet tight and stiff?
Can you actually wiggle all of your toes?

Here on the east coast we are moving out of flip flop, sandal wearing weather and into the season of socks and closed toe shoes. And so we are finding our feet more squished and compacted throughout the day.

Most of us just get used to the feeling of being in shoes all day. We don’t even realize how tight all the little muscles and bones in our feet are.

Something else you might not realize is that having tight, stiff feet actually affects your health.

In western reflexology, we see your feet as reflections of what is going on in the rest of your bodies. When your feet are compressed, they make for an unstable foundation.

So in this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video, I show you some simple ways you can make your feet more open and flexible – by wiggling your toes.

Kick off your shoes and do it along with me!

Do you have tight, stiff feet?
Do you notice a difference when you give your feet a little attention? 

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