WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: Self care massage for your hips and lower back

This week hip and lower back tension are on my mind because last week was Thanksgiving.
I did a lot of driving over the holiday week and my hips and back were feeling it.

So whether you’ve also been driving a lot lately, or can simply just relate to having hip and back tension, I think you’ll find my Wellness Tip Wednesday video useful this week.

I’m sharing how I followed my own advice and loosened my hip and glute muscles with an easy self massage technique that made all the difference.

If you are someone who has tension or pain in your hip and lower back area, I invite you to try this, and do it often. These muscles have a way of always getting tight, and sometimes stretching just doesn’t do the trick.


Have you ever tried this technique or something like it? What did you notice?
Feel free to spread the love. Share this if you know someone who would find it helpful. 

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