WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: The Tension in your Belly

Stress shows up in your body. 

Most of us notice it as the tension in our shoulders, or maybe our lower backs, or our jaws.

And it feels good to massage those parts out.

But in another part of your body, there’s often a subtle gripping happening that we overlook.

And when you release the tension there, it does more than just feel good.
Breath flows more fully.
Sleep comes more deeply.
Your whole body can shift out of stress reaction mode. 

In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I invite you to tune into the tension in your torso.

And I share a simple technique for releasing it so you can re-set your nervous system and soothe the stress responses throughout your body.


Note: This technique works really well with this Coregeous massage therapy ball. I highly recommend it as a great self care tool. If you don’t have one yet though, you can also used a rolled up bath towel. ALSO… if you would like some guidance on how to use therapy balls like this one, or smaller ones on your muscles, here’s more info about the personalized virtual self massage/myofascial rolling sessions I offer.


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