WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: Self care massage for those knots in your shoulders

Do you have knots in your shoulders?
You know the ones I mean… those deep tension spots that can sometimes feel like the size of golf balls at the tops of your shoulder blades and base of your neck.

Getting massages can be great for working those knots out. But the fact is, in between massage sessions, life happens and those knots have a way of regularly creeping back in. Especially if you sit at a computer a lot.

I always recommend to my massage therapy clients that they keep up with self care of these tension spots at home.

In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I demonstrate one of the best ways you can massage those shoulder knots yourself.

Check it out and give it a try.

P.S. Since I posted this video I've actually come to learn about an even better self massage tool than tennis balls. Check them out here

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