WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: Need to solve a problem? Why you should start with what IS working

Have you noticed how we humans have a tendency to focus on what’s not going well?

It’s said that as human animals, we’re wired to look for problems — that we evolved because we got good at recognizing dangers and threats.

But as we’ve continued to evolve, it’s actually our ability to notice what IS working — our willingness to shift our focus onto how and why something is going well — that is empowering us to thrive.

On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I invite you to think about what is going well for you… and I offer some food for thought about why leading with that kind of reflection can actually help you work through problems and challenges more powerfully than when you just focus on what needs to be solved or fixed.


Have you ever paused first to consider what is working when navigating through challenges in life?
Better still, have you ever also acknowledged the part you played in why?

I'd love to hear what kind of difference that makes for you.  

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