WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: How to Stop a Bad Habit – Don’t Deprive, Replace

Ever try to ‘willpower’ yourself into NOT doing something? You know, like stopping a not-so-healthy habit?
How has that worked for you?

It’s a nice intention, for example, to decide you’re going to stop getting that candy bar at the vending machine during an afternoon slump at work or stop staying up late bing-watching Netflix on a weeknight.

But having an intention not to do something is rarely an empowering enough strategy to make a sustainable change. In fact, if the thing you’re trying to change has it’s own momentum, ‘just not doing it’ can backfire.

On this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday I’m sharing a strategy that makes all the difference when you’re trying to change or let go of a ‘bad’ habit.

Replacing instead of depriving is the key.


What strategies have you tried for shifting your habits?
Have you ever had success with a replacement and started a good habit instead?
I’d love to hear. 

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