WELLNESS TIP WEDNESDAY: Breathing techniques to de-stress and stay centered during the holiday season

The December holiday season can often be filled with situations and circumstances that feel stressful and pull us off center.

We might find ourselves irritated, frustrated or even angry with things like holiday travel, shopping, or even challenging family gatherings.

Another way we might also experience the weight of this season is with sensations of inward loneliness or overwhelm that has us feeling shut down.

Have you ever noticed how all those kinds of feelings show up in our bodies?
The hackles at your back?
Your closed in shoulders and chest?

In this week’s Wellness Tip Wednesday video I’m sharing some powerful ideas about how you can actually soothe and shift those feelings in your body — with your breath.

Check out these three easy breathing visualizations to help you bring your irritated hackles down, open your tender heart space, and get you present in the moment before you get triggered.

And as you move through this busy and emotion heightened season, I invite you to keep these breathing tools in your back pocket.



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