Coaching Services and Options

Wellness Momentum Coaching (3 month option)

Imagine feeling more empowered, balanced and resilient in your day to day life -- even though it's busy.

In this completely individualized wellness momentum coaching experience you'll come away with empowering clarity and just the right strategies and accountability for you so that you can discover and sustain your own personal healthy living groove.

You'll have ten 60 minute private coaching sessions (via zoom) plus email/message support in between sessions.

Receiving this kind of strategic support over a three month time frame gives you the opportunity to start really uncovering what wellness looks like for you, to cultivate habits, navigate obstacles, stay accountable & re-frame set-backs in ways that empower and keep you moving forward.

If you are interested in this coaching plan I encourage you sign up for a complimentary Wellness Strategy Call with me so that we can meet. You can get a taste of my coaching style and answers to any questions you may have. 


1275.00 USD
split into 3 payments of 425.00 USD every 30 days