Coaching Services and Options

Vision to Action Breakthrough Session

What would your life feel like if you weren't living on auto pilot, in stress triggered reaction mode to everything around you?

This focused coaching conversation can be the breakthrough shift you need to start living more powerfully from the inside, out

It’s a personalized 90 minute vision and goal strategy session that will help you... 

√ get powerfully clear about the life you want to be living

√ get genuinely in touch with what really motivates and will make a difference for you 

√ AND get prepared with a plan to actually move toward your vision in your day to day life

Your session can happen conveniently via video from wherever you are. (I'll send you a Zoom link in your confirmation email when you schedule).

After your session I'll follow up with detailed notes and a recording so that you can stay inspired and connected to your vision going forward.

A perfect time to schedule this coaching session is annually in January for a powerful new year’s beginning OR on your birthday each year for your own personal new year inspiration!

Also if you're inspired to move forward with continued coaching support for implementation and accountability after this session, you can apply this investment toward a longer program. 


150.00 USD

Healthy Habits Re-set (individual coaching)

Are you yearning for more balance, energy, motivation, flow in how you live your life?

Then here's a question for you...
are your HABITS supporting or sabotaging you?

If you could use a re-set, I invite you to work with me in this personalized 30 day coaching experience to uncover, form, and cultivate self care practices and healthy habits that work for you - in your day to day life. 

Each week you'll have a 60 minute private coaching session - by phone or video via Zoom (plus supportive email follow up in between sessions).

This is an empowering opportunity for you to:

  • Hone in on your real priorities - self care and wellbeing can look like many things in any area of your life.
  • Learn the keys to how habits really work.  
  • Discover and practice personal strategies for working with your own habits.
  • Receive effective accountability support to keep you on track

After purchasing, you'll be directed to my online calendar.

Schedule your first session. We'll then make a plan together for the rest.

If you have questions about this coaching option, here's a link to my calendar where you can schedule a helpful 15 minute info call with me about this program


425.00 USD

Live from your Center, Love your Life - Three Month Personal Wellness Coaching

Imagine finding your groove - your own flow and ease with wellness and balance in your day to day life.

This personal 3 month coaching plan is an empowering experience that will enable you - not only to step into the shifts you want to make, but to build a steady, workable foundation for sustaining them.

You'll have ten 60 minute private coaching sessions - by phone or video, plus supportive email follow up and an anytime message portal in between sessions.

Receiving strategic support over a three month time frame gives you the opportunity to manage obstacles, cultivate habits, stay accountable & re-frame set-backs in ways that empower and keep you moving forward.

If you are interested in this coaching plan I encourage you sign up for a complimentary Wellness Strategy Call with me so that we can meet. You can get a taste of my coaching style and answers to any questions you may have. 



1200.00 USD
split into 3 payments of 400.00 every 30 days