BLOG - The usefulness of Yay me! moments

The usefulness of Yay me! moments

What went well for you this week?

When I work with my coaching clients, that question is an important part of our conversations.

Did it take a couple minutes for you to think of something?
What if I asked you about what didn’t go so well?
Went right to it, didn’t you?

That’s why that first question is important. Important to ask first.

A coach I once worked with adds a layer to that question that makes it even more powerful… she regularly asked me to connect it back to the part I played – what aspect of who I was being made a difference in why that went well?

One of my clients affectionately refers to these as Yay me! moments.

Why is this important and not just positive, self love fluff?

There’s a theory that we humans are hard wired to look for problems. That the instinct to do so is what helped us survive, evolve. That may be so, but it’s also true that when we see our own power, our strength and assets, we feel more creative and more capable in solving not only current but possible future problems.

Unfortunately many of us never even take time to think about what’s working in our lives.
Or if we do, we don’t often lead with it.

We’re missing out on a powerful leveraging strategy as a result.

Try it for yourself – as an experiment:
Take some time each week to reflect and acknowledge what worked, what you handled well – and why.
Do that first – before you let yourself stress out about the not so good stuff.

That half full glass might just help you go from surviving to thriving!


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