BLOG - Don't quit just simplify

Don't Quit Just Simplify


I almost didn’t write this blog post.

It’s late.
The day is almost over.
I worked all day and into the evening in my massage therapy practice.
Realistically, there just wasn’t a lot of time in my schedule today to write.

In fact, there’s probably plenty of legitimate reasons I could come up with why it would be ok for me to skip my post today.
And the truth is, I could turn to my self compassion and start again fresh tomorrow.

But here’s the thing…when I set an intention to publish a daily blog for the month of January this year, self compassion wasn’t the personal attribute I was concerned about growing. I’m actually already really good with that one.

Follow through, commitment, stamina.
Now those are qualities I am interested in nurturing in myself this year.

I chose to give myself this daily blogging challenge because honestly, I wanted to see what it would be like to show up every day here. I wanted to push up against the edges of what I thought made this hard.

Tonight as I feel myself up against an edge, I’m calling up the commitment from deep inside, and smiling as I hear a compassionate reply – just simplify.


What about you?
Are there qualities you are wanting to call up in yourself this year?
When you call on them, what else do you hear?


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