BLOG - Do you trust your own Resiliency?

Do you trust your own Resiliency?

This winter really pushed the edge.

I’ve lived in New England most of my life. Freezing temperatures and lots of snow are nothing new for me.

And, since those conditions are familiar, I can also say I do carry with me that automatic, inner sense of “We’ll get through it” or even an eager “Spring is just on the other side of this” as I move through the season.

This year however, I’m not sure eagerness is quite the word I’d use to describe what I’m noticing. This Boston winter certainly has been pushing many folks to their limits.

The circumstances of having to weather one storm after another, after another (whether real or metaphorical) in life can surely raise a person’s stress levels well above reasonable thresholds.

Still, as I sit here writing this, with the temperatures single-digit-frigid and many feet of snow still solidly on the ground – perhaps I suppose, because the cusp of March is just around the corner, there is a word that keeps bubbling under the surface in my mind – Resiliency.

What does that word make you think of?
Bouncing back? flexibility? recovering easily?

Do you think some people are more resilient than others?

I do believe in our core, we humans are inherently resilient creatures. Certainly survival requires a degree of adapting and bouncing back, right?

What I’ve been wondering is, how often do we each remember that?
How well do we trust, and more importantly, nurture our own ability to be resilient?

Our ability to trust in our own resiliency has a direct effect on how fully we thrive in life.

Is your resiliency there when you need it?

That word, resiliency, makes me think of a rubber band.
They’re meant to be supple, stretch, bounce back.
But I’d venture that we’ve all had a neglected, dried up rubber band in our house at some point.

I know… this is kind of a silly analogy, but stick with me here.

What if there were a way to nourish, perhaps oil, that rubber material?
What if an always-overstretched, constantly-taut band, were allowed an occasional letting go – a little slack, for it to rest in? What resiliency might it then offer when needed?

Resiliency may be an integral part of who we are as human organisms, but it’s a lot easier to trust that’s what we’re made of when all the parts of our being – body, mind, spirit – feel nourishedflexible and rested.

Why? Because those are the foundational needs of every living thing.

So then my question for you is – are you at bare minimum of having those very personal needs met in your life? and if so, how’s your resiliency feeling?

My suggestion:  Try using this nourish, move, rest framework as a litmus test for yourself every so often.

  • Where in your life could you use a little more nourishment? would your spirit love to savor that creative hobby you’ve been meaning to explore?
  • What in your life needs some movement? I know, there’s a ton of snow outside, but I bet your body would giggle at the prospect of an impromptu solo dance party in the privacy of  your living room this Sunday afternoon.
  • When was the last time you compassionately gave your mind a 10 minute meditative rest from all those should’s and To Do lists you carry around in your head?

Times like frustratingly hard winters or deeply stressful periods in our lives can challenge us to feel like we’re never going to make it through without snapping.
But March does come.
And then April.

The question is, will you come to the next season completely exhausted and depleted or do you have a resilient sense of Self to fall back on?

Consider a practice of keeping your resilience levels bolstered to help you inwardly thrive – regardless of the season.


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