BLOG - Do you take it to bed with you?

Do you take it to bed With you?


I bet you have a lot on your mind.

So many of us have concerning thoughts and worries
— these days more than ever.
And that’s on top of all our typical day to day stuff.

I also bet you’re probably aware of how those stressful thoughts have a way of showing up in your body.
Stiff neck.
Tight jaw.
Back tension, etc.
It’s kind of par for the course given how your mind and body is connected.

Here’s something else I bet you do… and it’s a significant, important thing I want you to consider
…Do you take it to bed with you?

Try this… next time you’re lying in bed ready to go to sleep, notice – where is your body?

Is it really and completely sinking into the mattress and pillows?
… or does it feel like your body is almost hovering a couple millimeters above — tense muscles still engaged as if holding you on the surface of the bed instead letting you really rest into it?


When I’ve shared this tip with my clients, they tell me it’s become a huge ‘aha moment’ that changed everything.

I refer to it as melting into your mattress.

It’s a subtle awareness, but it’s something that can make a significant difference in the rejuvenation power of your sleep.

And truly restful sleep is what makes all the difference for how your mind de-stresses and can handle what life throws your way. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Each night when you lie in bed, ready to go to sleep… pause.
  • Notice the parts of you that are touching the mattress, the pillows. The places your body is making contact.
  • Then take a few slow, long breaths.
  • Notice your breath at your throat. Let it soften the inside of your mouth, your tongue, your chest, your belly.
  • Invite your muscles to let go and come out of that alert, fight/flight tension.
  • Simply let your body feel held. Sink into the softness and the support of your bedding.
  • Enjoy the sensation, the possibility, of surrendering into complete rest.

The key here is to let this awareness & softening become an automatic habit  — one you associate with your head hitting the pillow each night.

If you do, that mind-body connection will start to internalize a new message
— a message that keeps stress out of your bed and lets you rest and re-set for a new day.


Do you take your thoughts to bed with you?
Can you feel it in the way you hold your body in tension while you sleep?
Give melting into your mattress a try. I’d love to hear if it makes a difference for you.


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