30 Day Healthy Habits Re-start Group Coaching



If the last couple of years taught us anything, it's that
self care isn't just a nice idea for when you have time...

it's an essential KEY to our resilience.


Are you planning to set resolutions around your wellness and self care again next year?

Goals and intentions are great...

but the problem for most of us is how 
we lose steam, and sometimes don't even get traction at all, with our best intentions.

Can you relate?


Well, if you'd like THIS to be the year you actually
translate your resolutions into the rhythm of your every day life

I invite you to consider how 

The solution is in the power of your HABITS.


Be honest, haven't you noticed... how your small habits and routines can 
either powerfully support OR sabotage
the healthy, balanced life you want to be living.


Even in times like these, when life seems turned upside down
-- actually especially in times like these --
learning how to create and to sustain healthy habits that work for you
is one of the most empowering things you can do for your life.


I invite you to join us in our

30 Day Healthy Habits Re-start 

group coaching experience



It's an opportunity for you to:

  • Hone in on your real priorities, the things that will have the most impact, make the biggest difference (self care and wellbeing can look like many things in any area of your life).
  • Discover the keys to how habits really work.  
  • Learn and practice do-able strategies for creating and maintaining habits that work for you.
  • Connect with other positive minded, motivated people for strategizing and accountability so you can stick with it and make real changes.


Our next group starts in early 2023. 

Here's the details:

  • This will be a small group experience - no more than 9 people - so that you can experience real connection and support in community.
  • You'll have a private, one-on-one strategizing session with me before we start to help you hone in on your priorities so you’ll get the most out of the group experience.  
  • We’ll have five weekly group calls over Zoom  -- These inspiring meetings each week will help you set up your week and keep your momentum going. (As you know, you get the most out of a program by coming to all sessions, but there will be a summary and a recording each week if you have to miss one or just want to go back to review.)
  • Each call will include time for checking in, strategy coaching, and mini trainings around effective habit building, wellness strategies and resources.
  • There will be encouragement, accountability and support to keep you on track throughout the month via email and a private community forum.




New group dates will be scheduled soon.

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30 Day Healthy Habits Re-start Group Program

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What others have experienced...


I've had trouble motivating myself alone. Being part of this group really helped jumpstart me.

It's amazing how listening and sharing with other people got my inspiration and motivation going! 

~Loring B. 



Before I signed up for this healthy habits re-start program , I wanted to be more present and intentional in my life - less mindless auto-pilot.  I realized I didn't want to participate in a program that was simplistically framed as, "If you do x, you're "good," and if you do y, you're "bad." But I did want help paying more attention to my actions, and to feel empowered to make changes on my own terms. That's exactly what Katrina's program delivered.

I chose a habit to work on that ended up being very small and very specific, and yet it's been making a huge difference for me. I didn't realize what a toll my procrastination had been taking until I started taking action and felt a huge burden lift.

I enjoyed the combination of teaching and the group sharing with each other in each of our weekly calls. 

This was a great opportunity I took to give my life and my habits some quality attention. It gave me a renewed sense of empowerment in my daily life.

~Anne L. 




One of the things I loved about this program was the one-on-one strategy session with Katrina at the beginning. That was so powerful in helping me look underneath to the WHY of what I was thinking I wanted to shift and create. It was a great eye opener for me and then everything started clicking more into place from there.

This felt like a really supportive jumpstart that's going to help me keep energy around the habits I want to build.

Something I also loved was the supportive and helpful 'we're all in this together' feeling of the group.

~Nancy L.